The Introduction

I’ve worked up text for this page several times over the course of the last 20 years. I’ve designed several different looks for this page, as well. This is the one I’m most proud of, though. Everything on this page, from the background image to the buttons, and logo are all created by me. I didn’t use anyone else’s images. I’m very proud of how it turned out.

Now, normally, I would use this page to help me find role-playing opportunities. That’s what it’s always been for, but I thought I’d re-purpose the site for professional development. It’s still got some of my characters on the left. The ones I’m most proud of having written. Each character is different, and they all have different voices. And sometimes I’ve changed writing styles completely. Basically, I’m using this site as an example of my web design/graphic design capabilities and creative writing skills. A warning though, the pictures on the other sites are taken from many places over the web. They are of actors and actresses that my friends and I have decided to use to depict the characters on the sites. However, I have put together all the graphics on the sites, from the buttons to the backgrounds, I have either altered images with photo shop to suit my needs, or created the elements altogether on my own.

The Role-Playing 101 site on the lefthand menu bar is a project that I completed for one of my web design classes at the University of Phoenix. All the images on that site were either created by me or bought from Again, all the content on the site is original. It was created to help those outside the role-playing community understand what it is that I love doing, and how to do it themselves if they wish to. You will find a contact button on each of the sites. They should all link back to my primary email address to contact me. Please, take a look around. If you like what you see, feel free to Contact Me. I respond to emails quickly. Thank you for your interest.